Captain Picks Semifinals Worlds 2020

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Important Playoff Updates:

  • Lineups lock 3am PT on 10/24

With so little options for players, choosing your Captain is just as important as choosing your players this week. There will be many identical lineups, so make sure you are using your Captain to set yourself apart from the crowd. Predicting a Champion correctly and getting that 50% bonus may be what gives you the E1 crown.

5 Best Captain Options

1. G2 Perkz: Jhin & Ashe

Perkz Captain Picks Semifinals

You would’ve gotten the triple bonus last week with just Jhin, but Perkz is the perfect combination of upside and predictability. If Jhin is up, he will take it, 100%. He even tweeted about how disappointed he was to sweep because he didn’t get a 4th game on Jhin. Pair that with the fact that he averages the 2nd most Points in Wins of any player, you have to make him your Captain.

2. SN Huanfeng: Jhin & Ashe

huanfeng Captain Picks Semifinals

Huanfeng is a mirror version of Perkz, just on the other side of the bracket. Huanfeng is putting up almost as ridiculous of numbers as Perkz, and has the same preference in Champions. Huanfeng is the clear leader of the Suning miracle run and is not scared of anybody.

3. DWG Canyon: Graves & Nidalee

Canyon Captain Picks Semifinals

It was not Canyon’s fault that he didn’t pop off last week. Honestly, he is just too good. He is by far the highest-scoring Jungler, and you know he will spam Graves every chance he gets. The Champion has accounted for 7 of his last 8 games played, being first picked by DWG every chance they get.

4. TES JackeyLove: Senna & Ezreal

JackeyLove Captain Picks Semifinals

It is surprising to see the Bot Laner of the World’s Favorite this low on the list, but his numbers haven’t been as crazy as the other Bot Laners available. He also seems to be the only one who isn’t just spamming Jhin. However, even if it may seem unique compared to others, JackeyLove has played Senna and Ezreal exclusively in his last 5 matches (every game of FNC series).

5. G2 Caps: Sylas & Twisted Fate

Caps Captain Picks Semifinals

Caps is the super high-upside player, and making him your Captain is the same level of risk-reward. He played Sylas twice against Gen.G, which is comforting, but you know that Caps has a very diverse Champion pool and often will wait to counter his opposing Mid Laner. We just have to play the odds with his recent Champs here and swing for the fences.

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