Captain Picks: Playoffs Week 2

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Important Playoff Updates:

  • Lineups lock this THURSDAY @ 1 PM PT
  • LCS Teams in the upper bracket have the opportunity to play 2 series during this contest if they lose their first series. This is called the “Guardian Angel” Schedule (GA)
  • To account for the Best of 5 Series’, we take the 3 highest game scores for each player for their fantasy scores on the week

See Playoff Rules & Scoring for all changes: Read Here

If you haven’t noticed yet, we are just the nicest people in the world. If you set a lineup each week, we officially love you. Not only are we are telling you who to pick for your Captain, we want to give you the next level analysis on those perfect Champion picks! That 50% bonus can be the difference between winning it all and applauding from the stands. So let’s break down who you should be targetting this week!

If you are a hardcore player and want to do a deeper dive, we provide the current ‘Captain Role Meta,’ which talks through each role’s viability for a Captain pick.

5 Best Captain Options

1. G2 Perkz: Jhin & Caitlyn

perkz captain

The Perfect Captain: It is a good feeling to have the best player in the LEC, playing in most fantasy-friendly matchup, crowned as your Captain. Jhin & Caitlyn accounted for Perkz’s final 4 games of the regular season, and MAD can’t just target him in Pick/Bans because then that means Caps is unleashed! Pick your poison MAD.

2. G2 Caps: Zoe & Syndra

caps captains

You know you have a high scoring affair when two players from the same team are my top two Captains of the week. Caps has an extremely wide Champ pool and is a little more unpredictable than Perkz (giving Perkz the nod as King), but 5 of Caps’ last 6 games featured the Syndra or Zoe, so this is as confident as you can get.

3. FLY WildTurtle: Ashe & Caitlyn


WildTurtle may be more boring than other candidates for Captains, but boring/predictable is great when guessing the Champs. Flyquest made it a priority to get Turtle on Ashe or Caitlyn in each game, accounting for 4 of his 5 playoff games last week.

4. TL Tactical: Ashe + Ezreal

Take away a little bit of WildTurtle’s upside, add in a little more boring/predictability, and you get Tactical! Ashe/Ezreal accounted for the last 7 games of the regular season for Tactical. He won’t lead the position in scoring, but the GA schedule ensures his numbers will be strong, which paired with a narrow Champ pool, makes for a great Captain.

5. FLY PowerOfEvil: Syndra + Orianna

powerofevil captain

The Swain pick was cute, but ended up being a one-off surprise for POE. He then resorted back to the tried and true Orianna/Syndra combo. I don’t care about being cute in fantasy, I just want them points.

Deeper Dive – Captain Role Meta

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

It is tough to predict whether your Top laner will be on a tank or not, let alone picking the exact Champ he will land on.

LoL Jungler Icon


Graves is back in charge of the position. Volibear can be expected to be very popular as well, but he doesn’t quite have the Kill potential of a Graves. Nidalee is there but has shown to be volatile. However, I fully expect LEC playoff to spice up the pool.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane

Mid Lane has gotten very difficult to predict. Out of any position, Mid seems to be the position that players have a ‘secret pocket-pick’ waiting to unveil. I think the pool will look much different after a week of LEC playoffs, but still expect Zoe, Orianna, and Syndra to stay relevant.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

It seems to be all about Caitlyn and Ashe (as a counter to Ashe). Tried and true Ezreal is lingering around, while Jhin seems to be the favorite of LEC players. Bans in playoffs are extremely difficult to predict, serving as the biggest obstacle to getting 3 perfect picks.

LoL Support Icon


Support Gragas was dope. But yeah, no Captains here.

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