Captain Picks Finals Worlds '20

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Important Playoff Updates:

  • Lineups lock 3am PT on 10/31

With so little options in players, choosing your Captain is just as important as choosing your players this week. There will be many identical lineups, so make sure you are using your Captain to set yourself apart from the crowd. Predicting a Champion correctly and getting that 50% bonus may be what gives you the E1 crown.

5 Best Captain Options

1. DWG Canyon: Graves & Kindred

Canyon Captains Finals

Best player on the best team. He leads his team in Kills in drastic fashion, and does not like to use a variety of Champions. Now that his Nidalee is getting auto-banned, it seems to be the Kindred that he prefers when his Graves is unavailable (Graves is auto-lock). Of the 13 Games at Worlds, 11 of them have come on Graves or Kindred.

2. SN Huanfeng: Jhin & Ezreal

huanfeng Captains Finals

We knew that Suning’s leading scorer wanted to play Jhin, but the second Champion was a mystery. However, after accounting for all 3 of the wins against Top Esports, Ezreal is clearly his 2nd option. Huanfeng will lead Suning in scoring every game, and we know the Champs he wants to use.

3. DWG ShowMaker: Twisted Fate & Syndra

Canyon Captains Finals

It was nice for us NA fans to finally see the hyped ShowMaker we have heard legends about. He looked the best on Twisted Fate, making sense as to why the Champion accounts for 3 of his bracket stage games. Add in Syndra (for when he wants to bring the Kill potential), and those Champions account for 5 of his last 7 games.

4. DWG Ghost: Jhin & Ashe

Canyon Captains Finals

Ghost showed that people should stop seeing him as the weak link on DAMWON. He was able to outduel Perkz, and did so on a predictable Champion pool. Ashe & Jhin account for 5 of his last 6 games played.

5. SN Bin: Jax & Gangplank

Bin Captains Finals

Top Lane Captain?! Hype! I am not telling you to do this because I am sure you have one of the above 4 options on your team, but Bin has earned this recognition! Jax & Gangplank account for 5 of his 8 bracket matches, and he can really give you a way to differ yourself from the crowd.

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