Biggest Off-Season Fantasy Moves

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Never a dull offseason when it comes to professional League of Legends. Aside from all the TSM drama, memes, and more TSM drama, we saw some big-name players find new homes. A new team means a new outlook on their fantasy expectations. Don’t come into Week 1 blind and be surprised to see what your options are. I know it isn’t cool to do homework, but this is when preparation pays off. But don’t worry, we are nerds and did your homework for you. Let’s look at and rank what LCS/LEC offseason moves will have the most significant implications for this fantasy season.

1. Kobbe to MSF

Kobbe Misfits

People don’t realize how big of a deal this is. Although it didn’t produce the same number of memes and headlines of Doublelift being picked up by his girlfriend’s team, Kobbe coming back to the LEC has a much larger fantasy impact than any more made this offseason. Kobbe was not treated as he should’ve been on TSM. It often felt like TSM preferred to play around Bjergsen and Broken Blade before looking at Kobbe, which is evident by his 4th worth KP of any ADC (67.5%). Last time Kobbe was the focus of a LEC team in Summer ‘19, he averaged 27.7 Fantasy Points per game, 3rd most at the position (above FNC Rekkles). Factor in the fact that Misfits were extremely strong even though Bvoy ranked below average in every major ADC stat, and this is a perfect fit. This will prove to be the most impactful move of the LCS/LEC offseason.

2. Doublelift to TSM

Doublelift TSM

Yes, this is the move that sent the entire pro LoL world into a frenzy. Take a star player changes team, factor in that his girlfriend is the team president, then sprinkle in the die-hard TSM following, and you have a PR dream/nightmare. From a fantasy perspective, it is a unique case because, before Spring Split, we all (rightfully) saw Doublelift as a Top 5 option at the position. After a trainwreck of a season watched that valuation tank, this move revives that hype and (maybe-rightfully) encourages us all to trust DL again. It is hard to say as to whether this is a stronger position than his 2019 TL teams, but I will say that the last time Bjergsen, Doublelift & Biofrost were all on the same team, they all were named 1st-team All-Pro and went 17-1 as they won the split championship…. Just putting that out there…

3. Jenax to Top for SK

Jenax SK Gaming no background

For some of you, this may be the first time you are hearing about Jenax’s position change. Although they are rare, position changes have a massive fantasy impact due to the difference in scoring tendencies across each position. Mid & Bot Laners are by far the highest-scoring positions, with Junglers, Teams, and Tops trailing (in that order). So when I see a Mid Laner transition to the Top lane, my mouth waters. Now consider that in the ‘19 Summer Split, Jenax averaged the 2nd most Fantasy Points per Game at the position (25.7, .1 more than G2 Caps). I understand that his production will decrease as he adjusts to playing like a Top Laner, but I want somebody with that playmaking ability in my Top lane.

4. Spica to TSM

Spica TSM

Ever since Svenskeren left TSM, the organization has been searching for a Jungler. The most disappointing part of the search, the Jungler position for TSM is such an advantageous position for fantasy, being able to join in fights with Bjergsen and Broken Blade. We would try to force Dardoch in our lineups, but it never truly worked. Now Spica gets promoted from Academy and get his shot at the very desirable role, and his past experience, or lack thereof, should make him a bargain to start the year. Spica has the potential to feel the biggest surge in value any player got over the LCS/LEC offseason.

5. V1per to DIG

V1per Viper Dignitas

I feel like V1per vs. Solo became everybody’s favorite debate towards the ‘20 Spring Split. If you ask me, I think Solo did a much better job of filling the role that Flyquest needed; however, V1per is definitely the more skilled fighter/carry of the two. His ‘carry-from-top’ mentality translates very well to fantasy but just didn’t translate well to Flyquest. If he can be leaned on in that manner for Dignitas and can feel secure with his spot in the starting 5, he can rank drastically higher than the sub-par Dignitas standing should allow him.

Other Notable Moves:

  • Dardoch to Dignitas: Dardoch performed poorly with an extremely strong supporting TSM cast and now takes a big downgrade. Even if he does hold on to his starting job against Akaadian, Dardoch will not be a popular pick.
  • Huni to Evil Geniuses: What made this move so surprising is that Huni won’t even be starting for EG. LCS teams can only start 2 import players at a time, meaning Huni will ride the bench while Jiizuke and Bang start each week.
  • Kryze + Special to Excel Esports: We have seen brief stints of Special in the LEC before, most of which has been underwhelming. Kryze, meanwhile, is a complete unknown, last playing for the UOL Sexy Edition… That’s right, the Sexy Edition. These two will be wild cards to start the season but have big shoes to fill in Expect and Mickey.
  • ZaZee to SK Gaming: I already spoke to the more significant consequence of ZaZee joining SK (Jenax moving to Top), but ZaZee is coming in as a calculated risk by SK. If he can even just fill Jenax’s shoes, SK’s lineup is stronger, but the LEC transition is never simple.
  • Nji to Team Vitality: Jungler for Team Vitality is already an undesirable fantasy situation without even considering the fact that it will be Nji’s LEC debut.

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