Best Value Players: Week 5

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LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 5 Spring 2020…Nothing better than a NA vs EU rivalry, so I’m bringing back the Fantasy LCS vs Fantasy LEC format for this article. It may stick for the rest of the season, or I may just keep it until Misfits loses another game (aka the rest of the season). Either way, let’s find some value!

Top Laners

LCS: TSM Broken Blade $270,000 vs 100 & EG

Remember back in Week 3 when Broken Blade outscored everybody at his position? Don’t be confused with Week 2 though, where Broken Blade also led all top laners. He has clear #1 upside, a great chance at a 2-0 weekend and the #6 price at the position.

LEC: XL Expect $230,000 vs G2 & S04

People will see a matchup against the pissed off G2 team and shy away from all of XL, but it isn’t as bad of a fantasy matchup as it may seem. I don’t see XL winning, but I can easily see them getting 8-12 kills in a losing effort against the fight happy G2 team.


LCS: FLY Santorin $250,000 GG & CLG

Santorin was arguable the most dominant person of all of the LCS in Week 1, leading all junglers in scoring by a wiiiide margin. After a top 5 finish last week, Santorin is going to try to recreate that magic. If Flyquest is going to win their games this week, it has to come through the top half of the map. Santorin and V1per need to dominate the early game and snowball it from there, and they have shown the chemistry to do just that.

LEC: MSF Razork $270,000 vs MAD & RGE

If you see the same player on here two weeks in a row, you should start paying attention to him. Lost in the Febiven-led Misfits frenzy is just how well Razork is playing on his own. During this win streak, Razork has not finished lower than 6th at the position. You won’t find more safety than that in a top scorer.

Mid Laners

LCS: TSM Bjergsen $280,000 vs 100 & EG

Good news, TSM does not play against C9 this week. Better yet, they play against two of the bottom four teams in the LCS. The only real risk with this pick is to whether or not we will be Bjergsen on Ornn again with a plan to tank, but as long as Bjergsen commits to finding kills this week, you can expect the points to come.

LEC: MSF Febiven $300,000 vs MAD & RGE

Name a hotter player in Fantasy LEC right now? You can’t. He has been the fearless leader of the Misfits winning streak and has proven to be a top team Mid in fantasy and real life. While everybody is debating on whether Perkz or Nisqy will lead the position, you take the player with the same opportunity but for $50k less.

Bot Laners

LCS: FLY WildTurtle $220,000 vs GG & CLG

Even though I do expect Flyquest to win through their top lane, I love what I have seen from WildTurtle and Ignar. Ignar was a Fantasy LoL monster in the LEC last season, produced a stud bot laner in his lane, and has brought both of those traits over to the LCS. WildTurtle is able to reap the rewards and make those flashy plays that he always wants to do.

LEC: XL Patrik $230,000 vs G2 & S04

Like I said with Expect before, you really shouldn’t be as intimidated from a G2 matchup as you may expect. If the same G2 from Week 4 shows up, you actually should be licking your lips. Either way, a match with S04 provides Patrik with a solid floor as it is very apparent that XL wants to fight as much as possible.


LCS: GG Keith $120,000 vs FLY & 100

Everybody’s favorite budget pick last week is back again this week, even though he costs a little more. He did not make a lot of noise last week, but he produced value for his price. What really held him back was the fact that his Kill Participation was below 50% during the week. There is no way that can keep up, and points will come with it.

LEC: VIT Steelback $100,000 / VIT Jactroll $90,000 vs S04 & SK

I cannot confidently tell you who will start both games for Vitality this weekend between Steelback and Jactroll. I can however tell you that either played would be a great value if you hear news of one being confirmed for both games. I expect news to break that Steelback will be that guy, but stay tuned in the next LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 5 Spring 2020.


LCS: Team SoloMid $280,000 vs 100 & EG

Out of all LCS orgs, TSM is probably the one I expect to respond the best after an 0-2 week. We saw them pull it off in Week 2 and it is no fluke that TSM always finds their way high in the standings. They are the closest thing to a 2-0 lock that you can find in this price range.

LEC: Misfits $290,000 vs MAD & RGE

There is nothing hotter than this Misfits team right now. You don’t have to accept them as the rulers of the LEC yet, but you should be fully bought in to them being legit top 2 in the league, even if their price doesn’t reflect that.

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