Best Value Players: Quarterfinals

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Congratulations, you made it to the World Championship! You must be a Fantasy MVP! We know you are the most valuable player out there, but unless you are a pro player that is smurfing on everybody here, you can’t put yourself in your lineup. So my goal is to find some options that can provide you lots of Value, meaning they perform much better than their price predicts them to. I got two options for you at each of the six lineup slots, so spend your money wisely! I am rooting for ya!

Important Contest Updates:

  • Lineups lock 3am PT on 10/15
  • Not sure how to set a Lineup? Click Here! 

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

wunder g2 esports

Wunder – G2 Esports $260,000 (vs Gen.G)

Forget the stats, Wunder is by far the best World of Warcraft player remaining at Worlds. In terms of League of Legends, he is holding his own as well. He is 4th at the position in Kills, 3rd in Assists, and is matched up against a Top Laner that died 3+ times in 5 of his 6 games played. LEC fans know Wunder’s upside and aren’t used to seeing him at this bargain price.

Rascal Gen.G worlds

Rascal – Gen.G $240,000 (vs G2 Esports)

Talking out both sides of my mouth here, Rascal is good too! His stats don’t jump off the page at first look, but part of that had to do with the competition he was facing. Both of Gen.G’s stomps over TSM (sorry to rub salt in the wound NA fans) were so easy as Rascal’s stats lacked. In all of the wins over non-TSM teams, Rascal has 5+ Kills. Expect G2 to bring out the best in Rascal.

LoL Jungler Icon


jankos g2 esports

Jankos – G2 Esports $240,000 (vs Gen.G)

Although it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, Jankos showed some very encouraging signs in Groups. The biggest boost for his value comes from his involvement. He was involved in over 75% of all Kills (which there are a lot of in G2 matches), which turned into him leading all Junglers in Assists/game. We would like to see those become Kills for the extra points, but if you can pay <$250k for the most involved player in the bloodiest series, you will always get your money’s worth.

Pyosik DragonX Headshot

Pyosik – DRX $220,00 (vs DAMWON Gaming)

Beating DAMWON is a massive challenge, but Pyosik has already shown that he isn’t scared of anything. He led ALL players in Kills/game in Groups, is 1st in his position at KP, and already put up 2 games of 48+ points. He has the highest average Fantasy Points/Wins of any remaining player, which gives him incredible upside as a high risk-reward player.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane

Angel Sunning Headshot

Angel – Suning $290,000 (vs JD Gaming)

Nobody received a bigger Worlds-buff in Groups than Angel. After having the 2nd lowest Summer Kills/game average of all Mid Laners at Worlds, he finished Groups with the 2nd highest, only trailing Caps. After the tiebreaker win against G2, Angel’s coming into the JDG matchup with a lot of momentum and is probably licking his lips at a matchup with the 2nd worst Mid Laner in terms of Kills/game and Deaths/game.

Knight – Top Esports $310,000 (vs Fnatic)

Knight’s numbers in Groups don’t jump off the page as incredible, but part of that was just because he didn’t have to do very much. His teammates all were able to dominate their in-lane matchups, which resulted in Knight having the 2nd lowest KP of all Mids. However, the fact that Knight has 5+ Kills in all of TES’ first 4 wins should give you confidence that he isn’t playing any worse than you are used to seeing from him.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

Ghost Damwon gaming

Ghost – DAMWON Gaming $300,000 (vs DRX)

If DAMWON wasn’t so damn dominant in Groups, Ghost might have actually been able to top the leaderboards. PSG and RGE were too easy for Ghost. You obviously want your Bot Laner to be favored to win, but in a more challenging matchup, kind of like how Ghost put up 38.8 points in DMW’s win over JDG. It is hard to find a Bot Laner cheaper than Ghost with the same combination of safety and upside.

Ruler Gen.G Worlds

Ruler – Gen.G $310,000 (vs G2 Esports)

I know Gen.G struggled in Groups more than they should’ve, but damn people are acting like they are the worst team left at Worlds. Even in the struggles, Ruler had 4+ Kills in every single win. Now he gets to impose his will on Perkz, who had 3 games of 4+ Deaths (leading the position in the stat). People need to get back to bowing down before the almighty Ruler and kissing those toes.

LoL Support Icon


Swordart Suning

SwordArt – Suning $120,000 (vs JD Gaming)

Stats aside, SwordArt was absolutely making big time plays through all of Groups. Okay now back to stats (cuz i love them). SwordArt had 7 games played in Groups, and has 9+ Assists in all of them! Not to mention he chipped in 1.4 Kills/game. It is rare to find a Support with the high of a floor, and he should make you feel very comfortable at an otherwise volatile position.

Keria DragonX DRX

Keria – DRX $90,000 (vs DAMWON Gaming)

I’m not a dummy. I know that when people look for a Support, they often start at the bottom rather than the top. I get it! They aren’t sexy! But instead of just blindly buying Hylissang because he is the cheapest and you clearly enjoy punishment, spend that extra $10k for one of the best talents at the position.


g2 esports old black logo 2019

G2 Esports $250,000 (vs Gen.G)

I know Perkz said that they don’t care who they get to face (he said it in a cooler way than I did), but they were definitely relieved to get Gen.G. Picking them as a ‘Value Play’ is based strictly off of the fact that they are the cheapest team that I see as the favorite in their matchup.

Gen.G Logo

Gen.G $240,000 (vs G2 Esports)

Well if you disagree with the last sentence I said for G2, then Gen.G is an easy pick for you! This is the most contested series on the slate, which means that if you can predict it correctly, well then you will receive all the bytes you can handle as a reward.

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