Best Value Players: Playoffs Round 1

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Important Playoff Updates:

  • Lineups lock this THURSDAY @ 1 PM PT
  • Teams in the upper bracket have the opportunity to play 2 series during this contest if they lose their first series. This is called the “Guardian Angel” Schedule (GA)
  • To account for the Best of 5 Series’, we take the 3 highest game scores for each player for their fantasy scores on the week

See Playoff Rules & Scoring for all changes: Click Here

In order to win big in E1 Fantasy, you want to find VALUE! I’m not just talking about getting your money back, I’m talking about getting what you paid for AND some more. What is value? Well in a perfect world, the highest-priced player at a position would score the most points and so on down; they would all provide value based on their price. We don’t want to be average though, we want more. So we are looking for the players who will score much higher than their price suggests, returning extra value. In order to help you find these value players, we provided two options at each of the six lineup spots; one for LCS and one for LEC (because everything is better with a little NA vs EU rivalry in there).

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

ssumday 100thieves

Ssumday – 100 Thieves $220,000 (vs FLY or EG)

After realizing they made a mistake with putting Ssumday on Ornn duty vs DIG, 100T put him on a carry in his next game, a game he finished with 37.9 points. Even crazier, that score was over 5 more than anybody on his own team. Not a lot of Top laners (if any) are capable of doing that. And I expect him to get a rematch against the team he just put up that total against (EG).

broken blade teamsolo mid tsm

Broken Blade – Team SoloMid $250,000 (vs GG & DIG if they lose)

Before that loss to TL, Broken Blade was on a 5 game stretch of averaging 25.0 points per game, having a KP over 77% in 4 of the 5 games. That isn’t even the best part of him, though. The fact that TSM has the cushion of being in the Upper Bracket, guarantees that TSM will get 3 wins this week, even if they don’t all come against GG. Not often is the hot-hand also the safe-option.

LoL Jungler Icon


Contractz – 100 Thieves $230,000 (vs FLY or EG)

He may have lost some steam since the new look 100T squad handed C9 their first loss, but that doesn’t mean the skills got worse. Even throughout the tougher 2nd half, Contractz only trails Blaber in Kills/game (3.4) for Junglers and leads the entire position in DMG% and DPM. He has still been bringing the pain, most recently against EG, when he finished with a 5/0/8 line. Well, guess who 100T will most likely play again this week?

Dardoch Dignitas

Dardoch – Dignitas $200,000 (vs TSM or GG)

There are only 2 LCS Junglers that rank top 3 in DMG%, Kill Share, and Gold%; Blaber and Dardoch. The two MVP candidates. Okay, that’s a joke, but Dardoch’s involvement in DIG’s success is not. He is extremely risky, but that is why he is the cheapest Jungler on the slate. If you believe in DIG (which may cut nearly everybody out) then you will want Dardoch in your lineup.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane

Damonte – Golden Guardians $280,000 (vs TSM & DIG if they lose)

After settling into more of a roaming-support Mid, Damonte has really been able to shine. He only has 1 game of 4+ Kills in his last 10 games, but has never scored less than 10 points in that stretch. Instead, he focuses on Assists, a stat in which he ranks 3rd in LCS at his position. His lack of Kills caps his upside, but his stream of Assists makes him a very safe option and an incredible budget option, especially with the GA schedule.

goldenglue evil geniuses

Goldenglue – Evil Geniuses $250,000 (vs FLY & 100 if they lose)

I am not high on EG, but I do have to give a nod to the fact that they can surprise me and win some games this weekend. With the GA schedule helping them out, they don’t even need all 3 wins to come in the same series. If they have a good week, it will be because of GoldenGlue. He is the only member to have multiple 6+ Kill games in the 2nd half, leading them in points in both of their biggest wins.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

FBI Golden Guardians

FBI – Golden Guardians $300,000 (vs TSM & DIG if they lose)

I’ve already been seeing FBI in a lot of lineups, and I can’t blame anybody. He is just incredibly safe. He is not an erratic player, no tilting, just plays a steady brand of LoL that translates to a dependable stream of fantasy points. He has scored 14+ points in 15 of his 18 matches on the season and now has the GA set up to make his point production even safer. You will not lose any sleep at night with FBI in your lineup.

Johnsun – Dignitas $240,000 (vs TSM or GG)

Johnsun is very good. He is so good that even in an extremely unfortunate fantasy situation, he is able to shine. Even when DIG was 0-8, he still scored over 10 points in all but 1 game. DIG will have a very tough time defeating either of GG or TSM, but DIG will be putting all their faith in their star ADC to get the job done. His skill gives him a solid floor, which is helpful when going for this much of a risk/reward player. Even though I don’t think DIG will win, if they do, Johnsun will lead the entire position in scoring.

LoL Support Icon



Huhi – Golden Guardians $110,000 (vs TSM & DIG if they lose)

Just as Huhi continues to improve, Golden Guardians make him a larger part of the gameplan. His KP hasn’t dropped below 75% in any of the last 5 games, resulting in him averaging over 10 Assists per game. Even in their last 2 losses, he hasn’t dipped below 10 points, and that is without him being able to land on his patented Sett Support. With an incredibly safe schedule, Huhi is poised to make his owners very happy.

Treatz TSM TeamSolo Mid

Treatz – Team SoloMid $130,000 (vs GG & DIG if they lose)

12, 12, 14, 14. Those are Treatz’s Assists in each of the 4 games leading up to TSM’s loss to TL. And his total Deaths in that same range? 0. Zilch. Nada. He actually didn’t die a single time during TSM’s 5-game win streak. A Support that never dies and lanes with Doublelift? Sign me up.


100thieves logo

100 Thieves $210,000 (vs FLY or EG)

Everybody is going to be chasing the teams with the GA schedule. They have a safer floor and more chances to get wins. But sometimes you just have to throw all your chips on Red and let it ride! If you can predict the teams that will pull the upsets during playoffs, you will have a massive advantage.

TSM Logo transparent no background

Team SoloMid $270,000 (vs GG & DIG if they lose)

Safe, predictable, boring, whatever you want to call it, TSM will produce. They are as far down as I can go to feel 100% confident of getting the 3 wins I want from my Team this week. I don’t care if they have to go down to beat DIG to do it, they are giving me my wins.

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