Best Value Players: Playoffs NLC '20

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Important Contest Updates:

  • Lineups lock at the start of the first Game; 9am PT on 11/12
  • We take the Top 3 scores of each Player/Team across all Playoff games, so be careful because if a team gets swept in Quarterfinals they only will have 2 scores! (Will not receive a 3rd score)
  • Not sure how to set a Lineup? Click Here!

In order to win big in E1 Fantasy, you want to find VALUE! I’m not just talking about getting your money back, I’m talking about getting what you paid for AND some more. What is value? Well in a perfect world, the highest-priced player at a position would score the most points and so on down; they would all provide value based on their price. We don’t want to be average though, we want more. So we are looking for the players who will score much higher than their price suggests, returning extra value. In order to help you find these value players, we provided two options at each of the six lineup spots.

Top Lane

Icebreaker – NVISION $260,000 (vs Absolved)

As a whole, NVISION was among the biggest winners in Groups. Oddly enough, it came without Icebreaker reaching his fantasy scoring ceiling. He had 3+ Kills in every win, but his low KP in 2 of those wins cost him a top finish at the position. Icebreaker is one of the lone Top Laners that can lead his team in Kills, a title that cannot be overlooked.

Ence Player

Nille – ENCE $250,000 (vs UniQ Esports Club)

I do not believe that Nille can lead the position in scoring again, but I still have to give him plenty of credit for his amazing performance in Groups. Among his 8 games played, He only had a single game where he failed to score 17 points. Also, he only had 4 Deaths combined across ENCE’s 4 wins. ENCE is putting him in a position to succeed, and he is making the most of it.


Ence Player

Taikki – ENCE $260,000 (vs UniQ Esports Club)

You can be sure that every ENCE game is going to be a bloody one, so it makes sense to go after the position on the team that will be involved in most of those Kills. Besides that, Taikki has shown a very stable floor in Groups. He had at least 3 Kills in every single one of ENCE’s 8 games and 5 games with 8+ Assists. He even showed some upside with three 34+ point games. Floor + Upside = Great Pick.

Viking Player

Sharp – Viking Esports $290,000 (vs Dusty)

Even though Viking Esports had to fight through the Loser’s Match in Groups, Sharp should still be seen as one of the most dangerous players in the NLC. Sharp had 4+ Kills in all 5 of VK’s wins and adding 9+ Assists in 4 of them. That is a 25.5 scoring floor right there. Sharp allows you to have another carry in your lineup, even more valuable coming from the Jungle position.

Mid Lane

Dusty Player

Poulsen – Dusty $320,000 (vs Viking Esports)

Poulsen was absolutely filthy in Groups. He had 2 Games in which he had 10+ Kills AND Assists. With only 2 deaths combined in his 4 wins, he proved that he should be respected as one of the best players in all of the NLC. Dusty is peaking at the right time and Poulsen is their leader.

UniQ Player

RoyalKanin – UniQ Esports Club $310,000 (vs ENCE)

What a debut!! Coming in as a complete unknown without any pro 2020 stats available, RoyalKanin broke out in a major way. Just like Poulsen, he had 2 games with 10+ Kills, both coming on Orianna. He rounds out the Big 3 at Mid (with Pulsen & Sencux) that everybody should be looking to get in their lineup.

Bot Lane

Tricked Player

Achuu – Tricked $260,000 (vs Barrage)

Okay, you haven’t heard me talk a lot about Tricked today, and for good reason… We all would be very shocked if they beat Barrage. HOWEVER, if they do pull off the upset, it will 100% be on the back of Achuu. The upset may not have the highest chance of happening, but you need to take risks to differentiate yourself from the rest of the lineups. And, well, YOLO.

Ence Player

Kehvo – ENCE $260,000 (vs UniQ Esports Club)

If you look at Kehvo’s player card, you will see 6 straight games of scoring 30+ points. Just absurd. Even more disgusting, in ENCE’s 5 wins, Kehvo had 26 Kills and just 3 Deaths. That is just gnarly bro.


Tricked Player

FlayStation – Tricked $80,000 (vs Barrage)

Personally, I am more of an Xbox guy, but the same argument I just made above for taking the risk on Achuu also applies here. FlayStation is the only Support to have at least 1 Kills in every single game played and opens up a lot of money for you. But in all seriousness, Gamecube is clearly the best system of all time.

Barrage Player

Wendelbo – Barrage $120,000 (vs Tricked)

Right next to the Team position, Support’s success is most tied to winning. Even though Wendelbo may not have the upside of other Supports, we all expect him to win the most games out of any Support. Take the safety and hope the extra games of dart throws can help him climb up the leaderboard.


Viking Team Logo

Viking Esports $230,000 (vs Dusty)

A poor showing in Groups has forced Viking to come into bracket as the lower-seeded team compared to their opponent, Dusty. However, are they really the underdog? It was just a week ago that Viking was a top seeded team expected to make a title run. This sets up for lots of value.

NVision Team Logo

NVision $260,000 (vs Absolved)

NVision is the cheapest you can go in price to still get a team that is clearly favored to come out of their first series victorious. Wins are wins, and you just want to make sure your team can get 2 of them in the Quarterfinals. As long as you get that, they cannot ruin your lineup.

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