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Congratulations, you made it to the World Championship! You must be a Fantasy MVP! We know you are the most valuable player out there, but unless you are a pro player that is smurfing on everybody here, you can’t put yourself in your lineup. So my goal is to find some options that can provide you lots of Value, meaning they perform much better than their price predicts them to. I got two options for you at each of the six lineup slots, so spend your money wisely! I am rooting for ya!

Important Contest Updates:

  • Lineups lock at the start of the first Play-In Game; 1am PT on 9/25
  • Play-Ins Contest include ALL Play-in games from Sept 25-30
  • Players scores are comprised of their Top 3 highest scoring Games (including Captain bonuses)
  • The next Contest will open 2 hours after the last Play-In game ends, so be ready!
  • Not sure how to set a Lineup? Click Here!

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Topoon Legacy Esports

Topoon – Legacy Esports $230,000 (vs Group A)

There are only 3 Top Laners in Play-Ins that average 20+ Points per game, Topoon being one of them. There are also only 3 Tops that average 3+ Kills/game. You guessed it, Topoon again. Add in the fact that he is Top 4 in Assists/game AND Fantasy Points in Wins, then you have a little-known Top that can make some BIG noise on the Worlds stage.

impact team liquid

Impact – Team Liquid $270,000 (vs Group A)

The Western fans may be surprised to see Impact priced outside the Top 3, but the underlying stats back up the lower price. He is among the 3 worst at the position in Kills/game, Deaths/game and Fantasy Point per Win. Even with all that being true, I will still bet on a former World Champion putting in work when he ends up in a Play-In Group. Opposing Top Laners should be shaking in their boots.

LoL Jungler Icon


shadow mad lions

Shad0w – MAD Lions $320,000 (vs Group A)

It is odd to have the 2nd most expensive player at the position as a Value, but it just goes to show how greatly I can see Shad0w outperforming his price (also is in part to the Jungler that I am obsessed with being my ‘Pick’). Western fans know Shad0w is a world class Jungler, and now he finally finds himself on the stage to prove that. Just in LEC Playoffs, he had a streak of 3 wins in a row with 35+ points in them all. MAD has given him the reins as the main carry and he will not disappoint.

Kongyue PSG Talon

Kongyue – PSG Talon $250,000 (vs Group B)

Talk about a wild card, Kongyue just joined the PSG Talong Roster a week ago and now is thrown into Worlds. It may seem dangerous to trust him as a Value play, but a couple observations allow me to stomach it. First, the Jungler position is extremely important to PSG Talon. River (who Kongyue is replacing) ranks 3rd of all Junglers in KP and 4th in Assists/game. Secondly, Kongyue was not a slacked in games with his previous team (AHQ). Those numbers land him Top 4 at position in Points/game and Points per Win. Gotta risk it for the biscuit!

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane

Bolulu Supermassive SUP

Bolulu – Papara SuperMassive $300,000 (vs Group A)

No wonder Bolulu plays in Mid, he is the heart and soul of his team. Everything revolves around him. No, I mean like everything. His 74.4% KP is not only 1st among all Mid Laners, it puts him at 5th among all Play-In players. He also ranks in the Top 3 of Kills (4.3), Deaths (1.5) and Assists (6.6) per Game. He is just a Fantasy dream come true!


Envy – INTZ $280,000 (vs Group A)

I don’t talk a lot about the INTZ for fantasy purposes, and rightfully so as they are not a very impressive team. However, if they were to find any success, it would absolutely come on the back on their star player Envy. He averages 31.2 Points per Win, which does not only lead all Mid Laners, but is 3rd among ALL players in Play-Ins. All of Brazil’s hopes lay on his shoulders!

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

Archer V3

Archer – V3 Esports $290,000 (vs Group B)

There are a lot of very good Bot Laners here, most of which have names you are much more familiar with than Archer. But do you know who leads all Play-In Bot Laners in Points/game (28.9), KP (74.7%) and Points in Wins (33.7)? Archer! (And I’m not talking about the show).

Gadget Unicorns of Love

Gadget – Unicorns of Love $300,000 (vs Group B)

If you have heard anything about UOL, you know that they play Fast and Furious (shoutout to Vin Diesel). Their games feature more Kills than any other team at Worlds, so it makes sense to want the highest scoring position on that team. Gadget is outside the top 3 in price, but ranks 3rd in Kills/game and 1st in Assists/game.

LoL Support Icon


Santas Unicorns of Love

SaNTaS – Unicorns of Love $160,000 (vs Group B)

Santa: Gives everybody presents. SaNTaS: Gives everybody Fantasy Points. Small, but very important difference when building your lineup. Of all Play-In Supports, SaNTaS ranks 1st in: Kills/game, Assists/game and Points/game. Also dies the 2nd fewest times. You know what I think of those stats? Christmas is coming early! Ho Ho Ho!!

Kaiwing PSG Talon

Kaiwing – PSG Talon $120,000 (vs Group B)

Even though PSG Talon is using a sub Bot Laner for the first few games, I don’t expect them to put any less of an emphasis on the lane in their strategy. Kaiwing leads all Supports in KP at 77.5%, which is so insane because that would put him 2nd among Junglers too. As you would expect, this results in him ranking 2nd in Assists/game (9.9). With uncertainty around some players, Kaiwing’s role will be even more important.


Papara SuperMassive $280,000 (vs Group A)

From a fantasy perspective, Papara SuperMassive is a distant 1st as a Team. They are 1st in Dragons/game and 2nd in Barons/game and Dragon Control %. You don’t need to win the group to be a successful team this week, you just need to find 3 wins, and this squad can find those, even if it takes a Best of 5 to get there.

PSG Talon $260,000 (vs Group B)

It is very tough to properly analyze this team since they are competing with 3 substitute players for the first few games. I can tell you though, if they had their starting lineup, all their prices would be much higher, including this Team price. Even though there is a lot of uncertainty around them, this Team is as low as you can go in price and still find a team expected to go .500.

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