Best Value Players: Groups NLC '20

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In order to win big in E1 Fantasy, you want to find VALUE! I’m not just talking about getting your money back, I’m talking about getting what you paid for AND some more. What is value? Well in a perfect world, the highest-priced player at a position would score the most points and so on down; they would all provide value based on their price. We don’t want to be average though, we want more. So we are looking for the players who will score much higher than their price suggests, returning extra value. In order to help you find these value players, we provided two options at each of the six lineup spots.

Important Contest Updates:

  • Lineups lock at the start of the first Game; 10am PT on 11/5

Top Lane

Icebreaker – NVISION $240,000 (Group A)

Expectations may not be the most optimistic for NVISION, but the best value you can find is to identify the big time players on the underrated teams. Icebreaker epitomizes that, and better yet, brings that upside from a usually pretty underwhelming position in Fantasy. Icebreaker leads the entire position in Kills/game (4.2) and has proven he can match any other Top score, despite just a 45.8% KP.

Nordavind White Player

Zvene – Nordavind White $190,000 (Group D)

Want to save money on Top so you can make it rain at other positions? Well, lucky for you, Zvene can save you a lot of cash without forcing you to take a boring option at a pretty boring position. Zvene is 1 of only 3 Tops to average 3.5+ Kills and 6+ Assists per game and is actually 3rd in Fantasy Points in Losses. That last stat gives him a nice floor, but the K + A numbers give you that upside.


Singularity Player

Alexx – Team Singularity $300,000 (Group C)

Oh my goodness. Ohhhh my goodness. My mouth waters when I look at Alexx’s stats. He led ALL players in Kills/game in the NLC Qualifiers (6.8). Not just his position, err’body. He is the biggest carry non-Mid/Bot carry available to pick and is a lock to lead his team in Kills and Fantasy points.

Absolved Player

Sjakal – Absolved $280,000 (Group C)

With Jungler naturally being a position with limited options for carry players, it can be tough to find some good value at the position. Sjakal’s stats may not be as gaudy as the top options, but that doesn’t mean you should scoff at 4.8 Kills/game and 7.7 Assists/game. His higher Deaths/game number (3.4) is the only main statistical knock on him, but a Jungler outside of the top 4 in pricing that leads his team in Kills is still real noice.

Mid Lane

Barrage Player

Sencux – Barrage $340,000 (Group C)

How is the second most expensive player at his position a ‘value?’ Well, he is a value because I am used to picking him on my Fantasy LEC Lineup! Of any player here, Sencux has the most extensive competitive experience, spending multiple splits in the EU LCS, and performing well within them. A former top EU LCS pro playing Mid for an NLC favorite team? That is the definition of a ‘smurf’ to me.

Ence Player

Simpli – ENCE $290,000 (Group A)

Picking Simpli is just as much about his schedule as it is his personal ability. He is good; let’s not bury that. ENCE’s playstyle completely revolves around him as Simpli leads all Mid Laners in KP. But even better yet, Simpli gets to go against 2 of the Worst Mids in the tournament. This includes a Mid that averages 5 Death/game and another Mid that has never played on a stage this big.

Bot Lane

Player XY

Oktopus – XY Esports $260,000 (Group A)

Wanna have some fun? Well, then just forget everything you think you know about the teams at the NLC and just lock in Oktopus. Just a few weeks ago, Oktopus had a game on the Icelandic League where he had 21 Kills. 21 KILLS! His average Points in Wins, 43.2, is a number that other players would be thrilled to just hit in a single game.

Kova Player

Snurmi – KOVA Esports $320,000 (Group B)

Just below Oktopus in Kills is Snurmi. Snurmi’s 6.4 Kills/game average is more predictive than Oktopus since it came against better competition. So as fun as Oktopus may be, Snurmi is the more improved version as he has a better chance of meeting that position-leading potential. However, you do have to pay for it, so plan accordingly.


Viking Player

Eski – Viking Esports $180,000 (Group B)

This dude is just absurd. His stats should not belong to a Support, which is why he is such a value. A 4/3/10 line is something you expect from a Mid Laner, that is Eski’s averages. Just a straight cheat code.

UniQ Player

Baloo – UNIQ Esports Club $100,000 (Group B)

Support doesn’t have the scoring ceiling of other positions, so it makes sense to prioritize putting your money elsewhere. So if you are looking to save money at Support, you need a Support who will be involved in Kills and not int. Baloo fits that build perfectly! He has the highest KP of any Support (75.5%), which turns into 11.9 Assists/game, while only dying 2.5 times per game. Easy money right here.


Absolved Team Logo

Absolved $230,000 (Group C)

Two great things are working in Absolved’s favor. First, do you know which team here has the highest Win % (min. 5 GP)? Yep, it is Absolved. They are also the only team here to average over 1 Baron per game (1.1). Barons are key for your team since they lead to more and more objectives and structures taken, not to mention the 3 points Barons give you on their own. Siege all day, baby!

Nordavind White Team Logo

Nordavind White $180,000 (Group D)

If you are looking to go deeeep at Team and really save your money to pay up for all your players, Nordavind White can just be the long shot you need. Early game is the strength of this team, which is fantastic for Team scoring as you get early points, and it sets you up for more down the road. NVD White took First Tower in 100% of their games in Qualifiers, rank 1st in Heralds/game (.8), and are Top 3 in Win % and Towers/game. Very smart budget option here.

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