Best Value Players: Group Stage 2

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Important Contest Updates:

  • Lineups lock 1am PT on 10/8
  • Groups #2 Contest includes the final 4 days of the Group Stage, including any tiebreaker matches (Oct 8-11)
  • Salaries will be the same for Players and Teams in both Groups Contests! If you do not edit your lineup when lineups are open, your lineup from the previous contest will automatically be submitted
  • Not sure how to set a Lineup? Click Here!

Congratulations, you made it to the World Championship! You must be a Fantasy MVP! We know you are the most valuable player out there, but unless you are a pro player that is smurfing on everybody here, you can’t put yourself in your lineup. So my goal is to find some options that can provide you lots of Value, meaning they perform much better than their price predicts them to. I got two options for you at each of the six lineup slots, so spend your money wisely! I am rooting for ya!

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Top Lane

Langx LGD

Langx – LGD Gaming $230,000 (Group C)

Remember back to before Worlds where everybody was like, “Oh LGD 4-0 Play-Ins and get out of Groups easy bro.” Well, they had that hype for a reason. Even though they struggled greatly throughout Play-Ins, they look like they are back on track with wins over TSM & FNC. Langx is a major reason why as he had 2 games of 5 Kills in the first round robin, one of which coming in a loss. You should be happy Play-Ins sunk his price.

Boss UoL

Boss – Unicorns of Love $240,000 (vs Group D)

He was a value for the last contest and is again right here. Even though UOL went 0-3, Boss still scored over 55 points, more than much more expensive players like GEN Rascal and DRX Doran. He showed that he can produce in a loss, with massive upside if UOL were to get a win or two. Don’t this is the player who ranked 2nd in Kill/game (3.6) at the position (only trailing DMW Nuguri).

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jankos g2 esports

Jankos – G2 Esports $260,000 (Group A)

I’m running right back to the well on this and standing by it. I fully expected G2 to throw at least once last round, but see them as a surefire 3-0 this week as they want to be the #1 seed coming out of their group. Jankos won’t lead the position, but he is only $260k and finished 4th last round despite dropping a game.

Pyosik DragonX Headshot

Pyosik – DRX $270,000 (Group D)

Who led all Junglers in scoring last contest? Karsa? Clid? NOPE. Pyosik was the one to score 10 more points than any other player. No, I do not expect him to have another 13 Kill 52.1 point game again, but his 90% KP gives me the confidence that he will be heavily involved in fights no matter what. He even put up 18.2 in a losing effort, which is good because he will lose to Top Esports again this week.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane

powerofevil flyquest

PowerOfEvil – Flyquest $250,000 (Group D)

Chovy, Larssen, Bjergsen… All players that POE outscored last contest despite being more expensive than him. POE did exactly what he was supposed to do, and exactly what he can do this next round again. He took advantage of a winning matchup against UOL (35.0 points) and held his own against the powerhouses of TES and DRX. Easy recipe to a safe amount of points

Angel Sunning Headshot

Angel – Suning $270,000 (Group A)

Nothing was surprising about Suning’s success last round as they were supposed to beat everybody other than G2. However, the surprise was just how much they played around Angel. Coming into the tourney with a KP under 70%, he topped 75% in 2 of his 3 games, never scoring less than 23 points. Suning can be expected to have the same success in the next round, and it is clear they see Angel as the carry to recreate that magic.

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Bot Lane

Kramer LGD Headshot

Kramer – LGD Gaming $290,000 (Group C)

Want consistency? 26.7, 26.2, 26.8. Those are Kramer’s point totals from the first round-robin. Doesn’t get more consistent than that! We know he has the talent, it just wasn’t on display in Play-Ins. I expected more Kills from him as he only had 6 across the first round-robin, so those should come along with more points.

perkz g2 esports

Perkz – G2 Esports $320,000 (Group A)

Perkz stopped throwing games away! Nice! Outside of the blunder to TL, G2 navigated the ‘organized chaos’ that is their playstyle much better than we saw in Playoffs, especially from Perkz in Bot. If Perkz is back to his peak form, then he is a threat to lead the entire player pool in scoring each contest.

LoL Support Icon


Vander Rogue Headshot

Vander – Rogue $60,000 (Group B)

I don’t care if all of my Support’s points come in a single game; points are points! After putting up 24.7 points in their lone win against PSG Talon, Vander only scored 5.8 more across the next two games; both were losses. I expect that pattern to repeat itself in the next round-robin and am happy I only have to spend $60k to get him on my squad.

Hylissang Fnatic

Hylissang – Fnatic $90,000 (Group C)

Just consider Hylissang and slightly improved version of Vander, costing $30k more. Both players have the same tendencies of only producing in wins, but Hylissang has a better chance of getting multiple wins. So if I can afford the extra $30k, I’ll gladly upgrade for a little more upside.


Machi Esports $150,000 (Group A)

Something that went very under the radar was just how competitive Machi was! Everybody wanted to tear them apart as the worst team in Groups, but as a Team, they finished 7th in fantasy, above G2, JDG, and other teams. They may not beat TL again, but the fact that they scored at least 13 points in their other matches gives you a guarantee they won’t bottom out completely.

LGD Gaming $240,000 (Group C)

LGD was the only Team under $250k that grabbed 2 wins in the first round-robin. The price may not have predicted it, but there was absolutely nothing flukey about it. Wins are king when it comes to a Team, so the less you can pay for them, the better.

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