Best Value Players: Group Stage 1

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Important Contest Updates:

  • Lineups lock at the start of the first Play-In Game; 1am PT on 10/3
  • Groups #1 Contest includes the first 4 days of the Group Stage (Oct 3-6)
  • Within 2 hours of the games concluding on Oct 6th, the Groups #2 contest will open and will cover the remaining days.
  • Salaries will be the same for Players and Teams in both Groups Contests! If you do not edit your lineup when lineups are open, your lineup from the previous contest will automatically be submitted
  • Not sure how to set a Lineup? Click Here!

Congratulations, you made it to the World Championship! You must be a Fantasy MVP! We know you are the most valuable player out there, but unless you are a pro player that is smurfing on everybody here, you can’t put yourself in your lineup. So my goal is to find some options that can provide you lots of Value, meaning they perform much better than their price predicts them to. I got two options for you at each of the six lineup slots, so spend your money wisely! I am rooting for ya!

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

impact team liquid

Impact – Team Liquid $240,000 (Group A)

Easily one of the biggest winners of the Play-In Stage, Impact was used exactly how you want your Top Laner to be. His KP was over 60% in all of TL’s wins, finishing with a 13/4/27 K/D/A line across the 3 games. The game he got on his trusted Mordekaiser, he got 9 Kills. Even though TL may not be favored to beat G2 & Suning, their Top Laners are 2 of only 6 people in the entire tournament to average 3+ Deaths per game.

Boss UoL

Boss – Unicorns of Love $240,000 (vs Group D)

Who are the best Top Laners at Worlds? Nuguri, Zoom, 369, Rascal and ….Boss? Boss may not fill in with that group of sheer talent, but that group makes up the only Top Laners who average 20+ Points/game. Stats about UOL players are always wild, but Boss averages more Kills than any Top Laner that isn’t named Nuguri, and now Boss is licking his chops as his opponents Flyquest and DRX are very exploitable up top.

LoL Jungler Icon


jankos g2 esports

Jankos – G2 Esports $260,000 (Group A)

Not exactly thrilled about this pick, but the price is too great to pass up. In a week where wins are scared and unpredictable, I am pretty stoked about getting a Jungler expected to go 3-0 for just $260k. Despite being last at the position in KP, Jankos was able to start turning his season around in the playoffs though. He scored 27+ points in 5 of his last 6 wins to end playoffs, providing a glimmer of hope that Fantasy Star Jankos is still in there somewhere.

Selfmade Fnatic

Selfmade – Fnatic $260,000 (Group C)

Forget Rekkles, Selfmade is the main carry of Fnatic now. I’m not sure how many times I have said this, but when FNC wins, it is on the back of Selfmade. Just because I have said this 420 times now, doesn’t mean it is not true. Selfmade leads all Junglers in Points per Win (28.7) and after a full calendar year of seeing that trend, I don’t expect it to stop on the biggest stage.

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Mid Lane

powerofevil flyquest

PowerOfEvil – Flyquest $250,000 (Group D)

Can’t wait to hear how many people are going to bring up the time that POE was on Misfits and went toe-to-toe with Faker and almost eliminated him. Even though I meme, it is important to note that POE has proven that the Worlds stage is not too big for him. Of all Mid Laners left, POE has the 2nd highest Points in Losses average and is top 5 in Points/game, right under Caps. He is a safe pick, a great price, and should see lots of Kills as his group includes the 2 fastest teams at Worlds.

bjergsen tsm

Bjergsen – Team SoloMid $300,000 (Group C)

We are all witnessing the best performing Bjergsen of all time. You will be telling your grandchildren of his greatness, and how do you want to respond when they ask, “Papa, did you have him in your E1 Fantasy Lineup at Worlds?” Up to you… But no joke, he is so hot right now. He scored 27+ points in all 8 of his last wins and will be leaned on heavily as NA’s hope.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

Loken JD Gaming

LokeN – JD Gaming $320,000 (Group B)

The only thing preventing a guaranteed 3-0 week for JDG is DMW, but even if it is close overall, the matchup in Bot Lane is not close at all. LokeN is 4th of all Bots in Kill/game, average Points in Wins, and KP. Meanwhile, Ghost is dead last at the position in all the same stats. If the most competitive matchup is still a very favorable one for LokeN, he will be set up very well.

tactical team liquid

Tactical – Team liquid $290,000 (Group A)

How sweet was that Twitch?! No remaining team plays around their Bot Lane more than Team Liquid. Their playstyle may not always be sexy and great for fantasy, but their goal is always to have Tactical carry them to victory. The Group Stage hasn’t even started yet, and he already has 3 games over 30 points. Do not disrespect this man and call him a ‘rookie.’ There is nothing rookie about him.

LoL Support Icon


Hylissang Fnatic

Hylissang – Fnatic $90,000 (Group C)

There is no way in which Hylissang will return $90k value. He will either return WAY MORE, or will go negative in 2 games. He is a volatile player but has displayed extreme upside, which I will take the calculated risk for when it only costs me $90k.

Biofrost TSM

Biofrost – Team SoloMid $110,000 (Group C)

In a very under the radar stat, Biofrost is 2nd of all Supports in average Points in Wins (19.8). TSM has committed to not playing through Bot Lane anymore, but that isn’t preventing Biofrost from getting involved, and scoring points, his 2nd best KP at the position backs it up too. For all you TSM fan bois, this is my favorite spot to get some TSM action.


sunning logo

Suning $280,000 (Group A)

Who here would be surprised to see G2 accidentally int a game in a BO1 format? If you said yes, then you must not have watched them much this year. I think Suning is the lowest priced team I can find that has a strong chance of going 3-0.

Team Liquid Logo

Team Liquid $230,000 (Group A)

In a week where guaranteed wins are very pricey, I want to make sure to find a team that has one guaranteed win, but can be expected to be extremely competitive in all games. That sums up TL perfectly to me. They will beat Machi, and I expect their Worlds experience to make the Suning and G2 games extremely contested. Then you are just a single Baron throw away from getting a 2-win team for $230k!

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