Best and Worst Performers: Week 1

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Fantasy LoL is all about three letters… not not KDA. (Why would it be about a pop group?). Fantasy is all about ROI, which is the focus in LoL Fantasy Best and Worst Performers Week 1 Spring 2020. Return On Investment. You want to win the $50k grand prize? Well then take your $1.5 mil and get the most possible fantasy points for your lineup. High scores are great, but even better when they don’t come with the high cost. Inexpensive players with great results; that is a STUD. Expensive players with poor performances… that’s a DUD (Are you ready for the studs & duds?).


Stud: FLY V1per $210,000: 57.56 points

  • V1per rose to fame as a Riven one-trick, and the world was reminded of that when he locked it in against Immortals, finishing 8/0/5. After adding the CLG win, V1per still has yet to die in 2020. He has always had the ability to carry from the top lane but hasn’t been able to put it into game action yet. For those who saw the signs and trusted their guy, they were able to benefit in a major way.
  • Other Studs: OG Alphari $300,000: 50.26 points. XL Expect $210,000: 39.26 points

Dud: FNC Bwipo $390,000: 21.06 points

  • The #1 scoring Top laner of ‘19 Summer doesn’t even finish within the Top 10 in Week 1 of 2020. Bwipo was just fortunate to even get a positive score after his 1/6/1 performance against Origen. Fnatic got back on track against the lowly Misfits, but not nearly enough to salvage a terrible week (wish Bwipo was on the other side of the Studs & Duds list).
  • More Duds: TSM Broken Blade $220,000 17.70 points. TL Impact $310,000 19.56 points. VIT Cabochard $200,000 20.74 points


Stud: FLY Santorin $220,000: 67.42 points

  • V1per wasn’t doing it alone on the top half of the map. Santorin was right there helping to feed V1per, with the majority of his 12 Assists coming off V1per’s 8 Kills. Then vs CLG, Santorin decided he wanted to get the Kills, finishing with 7 of his own. Incredible strong performance by Santorin to lead all Junglers.
  • Other Studs: XL Caedrel $210,000: 42.36 points. MAD Shadow $140,000: 41.80 points

Dud: FNC Selfmade $320,000: 12.58 points

  • Another incredibly disappointing member of Fnatic. 12 points?!? That is 4 Kills! It was not a pretty weekend for Fnatic and Selfmade did not calm any fears about whether he will be able to replace Broxah. I want to chalk this up as a rough week for the Fnatic squad, but this will definitely put some hesitation into future picks, especially since this total came in a week where they won a game too…
  • More Duds: IMT Xmithie $240,000: 16.24 points. CLG Wiggily $230,000 15.22 points. TSM Dardoch $240,000 16.48 points


Stud: DIG Froggen $200,000 56.54 points

  • Of course Dignitas was going to go 2-0! And who was their fearless leader? None other that the legendary Mr. Froggen. Both games, Froggen got 5 Kills and just 1 Death, an incredibly strong and consistent performance that we should expect out of the Mid laner. He was the only member of DIG to finish Top 5 at their position, showing that DIG is going to be leaning on the Frog Man a lot this year (great job Froggen on making the Studs & Duds list).
  • Other Studs: FLY PowerOfEvil $200,000 64.36. XL Mickey $200,000 47.12 points

Dud: CLG Crown $210,000 23.48 points

  • I could have put another Fnatic member here with Nemesis, but I wanted to change it up. Also, Crown wasn’t just a Dud, but a Dud that took you on an emotional roller coaster. First you put him in your lineup, then you heard he had visa issues and couldn’t play, but then you see he is back in NA and you put him back in your lineup! All that drama and anticipation and you don’t even get a Top 12 Mid… LoL Fantasy Best and Worst Performers Week 1 Spring 2020.
  • More Duds: FNC Nemesis $400,000 19.98 points. SK Jenax $310,000 18.00 points


Stud: DIG Johnsun $130,000 55.80 points

  • Froggen was the highest scoring player on Dignitas and highest ranked at his position among the group, but nobody bursted on the scene this week like Johnsun! Coming into the match as a complete unknown, last seen failing his 4 games taste of NA academy, Johnsun straight dominated. He was the lowest priced Bot coming into the weekend and finished in the Top 6 at the position. He won’t be the lowest price Bot next week, that’s for sure!
  • Other Studs: XL Patrik $190,000 64.52 points. MAD Carzzy $140,000 53.90 points

Dud: CLG Stixxay $250,000 22.34 points

  • Duds is pretty much the CLG + Fnatic category this week. Stixxay had beautiful matchups on paper and was last seen leading CLG to a 12-6 record in ‘19 Summer. It all came crashing down for the entire CLG organization today as they were blown out by two teams they thought would be easy wins.
  • More Duds: TL Doublelift $380,000 25.32 points ( seeing this on the studs & duds list will make someone cry)


Stud: XL Tore $210,000 32.14 points. MAD Kaiser $170,000 31.62 points.

  • Two players with new names, two players with low prices, two players with teams that only won 1 game this weekend, and two big fantasy performances! Tore (formerly Norskeren) and Kaiser (formerly Gistick) both put up great numbers in a tough spot, with each team being handed a loss. If these two perform this well in a 1-1 week, imagine how well they can perform in a 2-0 week.
  • Other Studs: DIG Aphromoo $130,000 26.10 points. RGE Vander $270,000 32.26

Dud: FNC Hylissang $330,000 15.28 points

  • Okay I’ll stop piling on Fnatic after this I promise… We all just expected so much from them and they came out and made it look like they abandoned their post among the Top 2 teams in Europe and want to hang out in the playoff contender scrum. Even though we all expect Fnatic to get back into form, a performance like this makes you question Hylissang’s Top 3 expected finish (not a great time to be on the studs & duds list).
  • More Duds: TSM Biofrost $260,000 8.58 points. CLG Smoothie $210,000 5.02 points. GG Keith $150,000 7.26 points


Stud: Immortals $150,000 46 points

  • Oh yeah, that’s right, Immortals is a Stud. What is even more impressive about these 46 points? They came in a weekend where they lost a game, which is usually super detrimental to a Team’s scoring total. This slow, hour long, objective base game is not fun to watch, but it may just be Immortal’s best chance at winning.
  • Other Studs: Flyquest $180,000 51 points. Dignitas $130,000 46 points

Dud: Counter Logic Gaming $320,000 17 points

  • I want to stop ripping on CLG and Fnatic, but they just made it so easy… CLG was the 3rd priciest Team available and had great matchups in DIG and FLY, two teams expected to finish well below CLG in the standings. CLG’s playstyle, slowly choking opponents out through objectives when leading, translates perfectly to Fantasy scoring, but we did not get to see any of that this weekend ( maybe next time on our studs & duds list).
  • More Duds: Schalke 04 $250,000 28 points.

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