5 Steps For Setting Your Fantasy Lineup

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Setting Your Fantasy Lineup

Legends aren’t born… Legends are made by setting their fantasy lineup!

Every week of the LEC/LCS seasons, you get to act as a pro LoL team GM and build a starting roster to compete against all other members of the league. You get to choose from a pool of all the LEC/LCS players and teams playing that weekend. 

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Constructing your lineup is the BEST part of playing fantasy. Well, maybe tied for 1st with collecting your winnings… But you can’t have one without the other, so be sure to master these five steps to setting your fantasy lineup.

The 5 Steps To Follow


1 – Know Your Options 🧠

When you first see your lineup page, you can see the empty roster that you need to fill to the left. The lineup you are building consists of:

  • Top Laner
  • Jungler
  • Mid Laner
  • Bot Laner
  • Support
  • Team

You need to fill every slot in order to Submit your lineup, all while staying under the Salary Cap (which we will talk more about). Your options consist of all players and teams from the LCS and the LEC. Each player you select, you are locking in for the whole weekend, so you get credit for both of their games. You cannot change your lineup once the first game begins, so don’t wait until the last minute to do your work (this isn’t high school anymore).

2 – Do Your Research 👨‍💻

Money, bragging rights, internet fandom, more money… There is a lot on the line here, so don’t just blindly throw your Lineup together. You need to be CONFIDENT in your squad when you hit submit. So even if you have watched every minute of professional LoL for the past 3 years, you will want to do your research

On the lineup page itself, you can see stats for every player and team that you can select. This includes stats like; how much they have scored in the past, their KDA, who they will be facing this weekend and how tough of a matchup those teams are. However, if you really want to set yourself apart from the average scrub, you can go a step deeper into data and check out the Stats tab. This tab provides you with every single Fantasy-related stat that you could think of. Need some outside help setting your fantasy lineup? Well then click on the News icon and find up-to-the-minute news reports on players as well as fantasy articles written by professional esports statisticians and fantasy experts. Read through their insight, make your decision, win, and then take all the credit.

3 – Spend Your Money 💰

Because we are so nice, we are giving everybody $1.5 million to build their lineup (no you cannot cash it out). All players and teams have a Salary assigned to them, which reflects their skill and projected performance. Your lineup has a $1.5 million salary cap though, so you must strategically pick which players you want to add to your lineup. Yes, you can get Caps and Doublelift, but then you are going to need to go for some cheaper players at other spots to even it out… Every spot must be filled in order to submit your lineup!

4 – Crown Your Captain 👑

Oh captain, my captain. You have your team set, but before submitting your lineup, you must decide which player you want to lead you into battle. You are able to select one of your players as your Captain. As your Captain, you are able to predict which Champion he will play in each of his two games. If you guess either one correctly, you get a 50% multiplier bonus on the fantasy points he scores that game. It takes a lot of knowledge to predict what players will perform the best each week, but then also being able to predict which Champion they will play? That’s next level stuff.

5 – Track Your Domination 📈

You did your research. You spent your money. You finalized setting your fantasy lineup and your captain was selected… Now watch your squad dominate and track yourself moving up the Leaderboard. After each game goes final, all Fantasy Point scores will be added up for the players and teams. You will see your totals increase as well as everybody you are going against. Just make sure your name always stays above them in the Leaderboard!

The most important step of all… Have Fun! Good luck this season! 👍 

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